Sleep is something every person needs, but nobody has enough time for. The time people have to rest their eyes is so precious, which is why 卡西欧 America, Inc., the leading innovator of LampFree® projectors, and Sleep Number® have teamed up to create an elevated shopping experience for consumers to ensure they find the perfect mattress for the best night’s sleep.

床垫的购物体验始于Sleep Number零售商,在那里他们可以获得独家的IndividualFit™3D成像演示,因此他们可以尝试一张床,同时观看显示自己身体的数字地图’ pressure points. They get this large-screen visual via 卡西欧’s LampFree投影技术。与传统床垫的客户相比,Sleep Number客户能更快入睡,在更少的干扰下享受更多的深度睡眠,并能从背部疼痛中获得更大的缓解。

“我们与Sleep Number的关系是互惠互利的,因为这两个品牌都致力于提供通过技术和创新开发的高质量产品,” said Joe Gillio, Senior Director Strategic Planning and Marketing of 卡西欧’的业务投影仪部门。“我们的LampFree投影仪既环保又耐用,无需更换灯泡即可在其商店中获得Sleep Number 20,000小时的运行时间,并提供不间断的店内购物体验。”

为客户提供提升的,个性化的和交互式的购物体验,帮助“睡眠号”继续为数百万的美国人提供更好的住宿’s sleep. 卡西欧’s LampFree Projectors have been utilized by Sleep Number since 2013, when screen company and design consultant Spyeglass of Minneapolis suggested that the group switch to LampFree projectors from 卡西欧, rated for 20,000 hours of maintenance-free service. Switching to 卡西欧 gave Sleep Number a high-quality, consistent projector that can run 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

卡西欧’s line of LampFree projectors provide eco-friendly data projection by combining a laser and LED light source to create a high-brightness, mercury-free tool that uses half the amount of power per unit than other lamp-based projectors. Additionally, 卡西欧’s LampFree projectors extended operating life eliminates the process of having to replace costly lamps. The projectors reach maximum brightness in as fast as five seconds from the time the power is switched on and can immediately power off with just a touch of the button and then be used again right away, without the need for a cool-down period. All of this makes 卡西欧’对于希望不仅实现绿色环保,同时又节省成本的组织,投影机是一种更安全,更实惠的选择。

For additional information on 卡西欧’完整的LampFree投影机产品组合,请访问。

About 卡西欧 LampFree® Projectors
卡西欧’s portfolio of LampFree® projectors combines a laser, a fluorescent element and an LED light to deliver a mercury-free hybrid light source that lasts up to 20,000 hours while sustaining a high brightness and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.  卡西欧 has a full assortment of LampFree® solutions available for home, business, education and commercial applications – Core, Advanced, Slim, Pro and Short Throw.

About 卡西欧 America, Inc.
卡西欧 America, Inc., Dover, N.J., is the U.S. subsidiary of 卡西欧 Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and business equipment solutions. Established in 1957, 卡西欧 America, Inc. markets calculators, keyboards, digital cameras, mobile presentation devices, disc title and label printers, watches, cash registers and other consumer electronic products. 卡西欧 has strived to fulfill its corporate creed of “创造力和贡献”通过推出创新和富有想象力的产品。


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